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We manufacture quality RCC (Reinforced cement concrete) pipes that are used for water supply schemes, drainage works, culverts and other purposes. Produced by centrifugal spinning process & tested on various parameter, all our pipes comply with IS458:2003 specifications. Our range of RCC pipes are available in different constructions such as plain type, spigot type, socket end type, tung type and groove end type.
Socket Type Pipe
Where the internal and external diameters of the Pipe at one end are enlarge to form a "Socket" into Which the spigot end of a similar pipe can enter to form a joint.
The ordinary pipe of uniform internal diameter and well thikness throughout its lenght jointed at one or both ends with short length "collars" of slightly large diameter but similar in design and Construction.
Cylindrical steel moulds of specified dimension placed over machanically revolved platform / flywheels are spun with the controlled spped which is turn creates the centrifugal force, acting outwards. This compress the contrete (with or without steel enforcement cement) poured inside the mould during it's rotation and manually smoothened / leveled until it assumes the shape and form of the pipe of required wall thikness.
The process using spin-moulding machine was originally invented by Australia and petented as "ROCLA". The concrete pipe made by this method can be of any size and yeild more accurate dimensions and achieve relativeily more concrete compaction. The entire machinery being easily can be installed at any place quite conveniently, whether it is a permanent factory primises or some temporary site in this field. This Process has been used with tremendous success in japan, Europe and Africa popularising a world-over owning to its uniqueness simplicity.
Our Range of Products include the following:-
Multi-Perpose sewerage, drainage and culvert pipes made with non-reinford and concretein varying diameters. ranging from 4 to 60 inches.
Reinford concrete poles with Hollow, Octagonal section tapered along their lenght, varying from 12 to 36 feet.
Solid and Hollow concrete blocks of standard dimensions made with vibrator fitted mechanical device.
Roof and Floor tiles (Cast in concrete) are available in different designs colours and size.
Pre-fabricated RCC building components such as Beams, Slabs and Columns etc.
CURVE stones all types, size and designs.
Garden furniture i.e Table, Chairs, Benches, and Garden Electric Lights.
Roman, Italian, Spanish, Pre-Coasted Pillers and Arches.
Paving Stones, U Channels, Electric Cable Tiles, Embosed Marble Tiles and main door piller Lights
The term "Pipe" signifies a hollow cylinder, made of any suitable material, having a uniform internal diameter and wall thickness all along its lenght except for the joint.
Non-reinford Concrete Pipes (ASTM C14-82)
Reinford Concrete Pipes (ASTM C 76-86)
Lenght of Pipe:
Collar Lenght:
Minimum clearance between Pipes and socket / Collar:
Comparison of R.C.C Products over those made from other materials
made from other materials:-
The R.C.C product enjoy following significant advantages as against similar products made of steel or any other material.
Basic ingredient, being indigenous, R.C.C. helps saving of the nation's valuable foreign exchange, otherwise required for imported raw material. As such they can be much cheaper with almost insignificant difference in strenght and durability.
Unlike metallic products, which require regular protection against rust by periodical painting, R.C.C products proved to be more economical as they virtually do not need any maintenance throughout their life period.
Use of R.C.C products in coastal areas has been enormously successful against exposure to the typical climate, which prevails in such localoties and quite frequently causes indirect deterioration through corrosiveness of almost all the materials.
Fabrication of R.C.C products do not require any delicate or large size machinery or highly specialide efforts. Instead even ruggedly installed simple mechanical devices with ordinary skills can b enough for an efficient production.
Unless specifically desired and directed otherwise by some clients/customers, we manufacture concrete pipes stricly in accordance with specifications and design as laid down in respective parts of the "Annual book of ASTM Standards". (ASTM stands for American society for testing and materials).