R.C.C Pipes
Socket Type Pipe
Barrel Type Pipe
Hume Process
Rocla Process
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Design And Specification
Reinforced Concrete Pole
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Sales / Marketing , Administration/ Security, Finance / Accounts and Recovery Sectors are Smoothly run by the specialised staff which are quite qualified and experienced in thier respective fields.
For Aggregates Stacking, Grading and washing.
For steel reinforcement bars/wires/sections cutting, bending, and handling.
For steel/ wooden moulds and accessories storage, maintenence and repairs.
For the junk, forming out of the daily wastages breakage and damages.
For cement, carefully protected weather effects.
For mechanical / electrical spare parts, tools and accessories.
duly recongnised by the Govt. and related agencies as approved and reliable laboratory for testing of concrete products, have signed a formal agreement with our concern to act as our associates for conducting all the required tests as and when desired by the clients against payments made either party on mutuallly agreed terms.
Professionally cpmpetent, skilled and semi-skilled personal, equipped with neccessary machines and tools regularly repair and maintin all the Electrical/ Mechanical machinery and plant keeping them in smooth running condition to ensure a non-stop production.
The Large capacity underground and overhead with distribution network help to keep the regular water supplyfor all purposes.
Several large longitudinal, sky open and shallow depth water storage pools are used for initial curing of the freshly made R.C.C Products by submersion whereas a separate water curing system using spray action in mounted on a truss/pully structure to supplement the required curing.
Mechanical loaders and chain pulley system very conveniently carry out the loading/unloading tasks, irrespective of the weights involved.
The open body or partially closed-sides trucks are utilised for carrying the R.C.C products from the factoryto different destinations, as ordered by variety of clients/customers.